My Retirement Stories

My new art website

At first, I thought adding a section to this blog rather than creating a new art website would be sufficient. But then, my friend Becky showed me how easy it was to create a new site on GoDaddy.

As it turned out, I already owned several domains that could work, including I photographed my paintings, uploaded them from my phone to my laptop, and Voila!

Luckily, I had photographs of pieces sold in the past month. That allows me to also upload them to Zazzle, where I can create everything from mugs to magnets, t-shirts to bags, mousepads to aprons.


I am learning what images work best on what products. Some of the items I like best are the different size mugs. I like a 20 oz mug because I steam Oat Milk to add to my morning cup of coffee. They also have other sizes, from espresso cups to 15 oz mugs, and you can transfer the images to those.

If you’re looking for gifts for your grandchildren, I love the baby one-pieces. Zazzle told me I could not call them “onesies” because that name is copyrighted. But then, I googled onesies to verify the spelling and found Zazzle advertising them as onesies!

There are t-shirts for adults and children, sweatshirts, and even aprons. If you have a special request, just let me know! I can turn most of my original works into a Zazzle product quickly.

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